Workplace dating relationships

For one, favoritism is going to be an issue. Romance in the Workplace — The Good These days, people spend the bulk of their time at work, which makes the temptation to start an office romance strong. Why would you want to give us your email? Also, workplace romance rarely, if ever, stays between two people. Consider how easily workplace romances turned sour can become sexual harassment lawsuits; it only takes one foolish action from a spurned lover for a seemingly innocent situation to require your company attorneys. Aside from creating a tense office environment, having an office romance can also lead to potential legal consequences. When you spend this much time with someone, you get to know them on an intimate, day-to-day level.

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This protects the company, as well as defines the responsibilities and behavioral guidelines of the parties involved when they are at work.

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8 Workplace Romance Facts You Need to Know Right Now

When you spend this much time with someone, you get to know them on an intimate, day-to-day level. She enjoys writing articles on all subjects and is also a published fiction writer. The closeness and intimacy of a romantic relationship and the subsequent loss of this relationship could trigger a sudden and violent response. When they receive rewards and recognition—whether they are deserved or not—other employees will resent them 40 percent of employees complain about favoritism among coworkers in romantic relationships. BambooHR is the 1 HR software for small and medium-sized businesses. Iceland Best County For Women.

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workplace dating relationships
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workplace dating relationships
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